Week 2- Blue Rectangles

So much new info and areas to explore this week!  Understanding more about the subconscious mind and the consciousness mind.  Having always been a concrete thinker so using my creative mind, seeing things in my mind, etc has always been difficult for me.  I look forward to learning how to picture my dreams, and allow them to grow and flourish.

I guess the concrete thinker in me grabs more onto the Promise card – make a commitment and check it off when I am done. (I am a list maker!)  I accomplished my goal and have been enjoying the “Do It Now” with enthusiasm. I have been actually using this to motivate myself at different times of the day with great results.

I know Mark said it is really important we focus on the blue rectangle this week. I have been seeing them many places – actually amazed at how many of them around me!  I don’t really get the connection of linking yet, but I know as I follow the steps it will become more apparent.

Revamping my DMP this week with emotion and much more specifics has made it really come alive to me.  It is now exciting to read it with enthusiasm and begin to try to see in my mind what my words are speaking.

So grateful for the progress and believing in the process,



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